What Kind of Friends Do You Have and What Kind of Friend Are You?


Life experiences certainly lead us down different paths, however, God places people in our lives – for reasons, seasons and lifetimes. These reasons may be for assignment – where you are assigned to sow seeds into this person to enhance their life-growth in some way. Perhaps it is for a season – a defined time period where the relationship is a bi-directional support system but now that the convenience of circumstances has changed – such as conflicting work schedules or the school year has ended, hence, the “friend” is no longer part of your daily life. Was she really a friend?  Be careful who you allow to be in your friend circle. Lifetime friends are people you can consider your go-to-girl in all situations, good, bad and indifferent. She will be your support and encouragement. She will show you unbridled honesty – in the most compassionate way.

A friend is not messy. She is a woman of good character. Surround yourself with people intrinsically and innately designed with good character. There are some friends who are long-distance. You may not speak with every day, but when you do, you pick right up where you left off. Know who you are so you can know who your friends are. This is a person you can “share your stuff” with – but will never use it against you. Take steps to be the kind of sister-friend that you would want someone to be to you.

Just because someone shares with you and may consider you an empathetic listener and a “friend” does not mean you must reciprocate the friendship status. Put people in your life’s compartments. Know where they belong on the Friend Shelf:  the shelf of Acquaintances; shelf of Associates; shelf of Co-workers; shelf of Assignments. Be careful who you share your business with – a friend will not kill your dream. She will give her honest encouragement, love, and opinion without killing your spirit in the process.

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