It’s OK to be Number 2!

What is Number 2?  Does everyone have to be Number 1???  In the most simplest terms Number 2 is Number 1’s main support! I am so excited to be in partnership with Donna – the Chief Identity Influencer of The 3W Life. We are first and foremost friends – sisters from other mothers – but most importantly we are friends, business partners and colleagues who have mutual respect for each other and the roles that we play in our business.

Donna and I have worked together in Law Firms in New York City for 30 years. Sometimes she was Number 2 and I was Number 1. Sometimes we had equal roles. The fact still remains true that our mutual respect and love for each other transcended our colleague responsibility. It was easy from that vantage point to venture into several business relationships.

I am proud to say – I am not Number 1. I did not create the vision of The Traveling Cupcake – our home-based bakery. It was Donna’s vision – but I was her raving fan, her biggest supporter!  The deliciousness and moistness of the products from the most buttery, vanilla pound cake to the summer island flavor of the southern coconut pineapple slice to the rich and creamy Banana Pudding dream cupcake! My creative contribution to the business is in the execution of the custom cake. I love to see a beautiful creation that tastes so yummy put a smile on a client’s face. We both bring equally important dynamics to the business. I clearly do not have the patience for baking – precise measurements, ensuring the oven temperature is perfect, timing the cakes – it’s just not my thing! Donna clearly does not have the patience for the precision of fondant, exacting colors and decorations, crusting of buttercream and sculpting – it’s just not her thing. While we both can do each other’s roles just fine, we choose to stay true to our gift lane. It makes for a wonderful collaboration when two people can respect what is brought to the table and can maximize those gifts.  No one can do it all without support from someone else.

As partners in The 3W Life, Donna continues to be the innovative visionary. She is extremely creative as a business trainer and coach. We both have managed and coached business and work relationships for more than 50 years collectively! I continue to be the support system for back end administrative support at The 3W Life. While the roles are still the same in The 3W Life as they are in The Traveling Cupcake, the end results are just as rewarding!  Partnership, Sister-Friendship. Do we disagree – yes, we absolutely do – with unrestrained honesty, with compassion, with confidence that it is done in the best interest of each other and of the business.  You know, sometimes you have to practically prove me wrong but its always done with love!

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