Cast your Business Vision Journal for Innovation

Keeping an innovation journal can help you in many ways. The benefits are difficult to list in this short space and it is a commitment. Vision casting is one of the key characteristics of a successful entrepreneurial leader.

 Making regular entries into your journal is like talking to a friend.  In a sense, your journal is your friend that you can tell anything. The purpose is to help you positively and creatively – develop new skills and increase confidence as these skills evolve.  By writing your goals, you crystallize your thinking and allow yourself to act with greater self-understanding.

 Set realistic goals with attainable deadlines.  Outline specific objectives with a time frame and deadlines.  With no time frame, deadlines nor accountability you could find yourself floundering endlessly and never making any significant progress – holding onto a vision with no action – means making no money!

 Thoughts, attitudes and goals become clearer when you can actually see them on paper.  This expresses what’s really important to you and helps you to stay on task with assignments.

 Write down your successes and your failures.  By doing this, we can analyze what went wrong and what went right.  We learn what lifted us up to that success and gave us the motivation to do it.  We also learn what lowers our motivation and the road blocks to what’s preventing us from true success.

 As you accomplish  your goals, you’ll feel empowered to continue to take charge of your life.  Your journal continues to be a work in progress as you ascend to success. Let The 3W Life chart a new direction for you. Know Whose You Are!Who You Are and Why You Are Here! as you sift through fears, doubts and worry.  Don’t miss a day of your new and exciting life!



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