BOLD! It’s not a bad word!

Negative connotations are assigned to women who are assertive, have larger than life presence and are BOLD!

If you want to be successful in your personal life, career, and your business you have to exert authority and be able to exercise DOMINION and POWER over your life and your situation.

You were born with authority because God gave it to you! Because we do not know Whose We Are, Who We Are and Why We Are Here, we do not CLAIM dominion over our own lives, situations and destinies. We look for validation in all the wrong places.  Why are you waiting for someone to tell you, you are smart, you are beautiful, you are worthy, you are valuable, you are intelligent, you are a masterpiece? Take a look in the mirror; YOU OWN YOU

When you are living the 3W Life, the atmosphere must shift when you are present. Why? Because you are an heir of the kingdom who has been set apart for a time such as this.

I AM BOLD! Time to stop feeling depressed! Time to stop those pity parties; time to stop waiting for an apology and time to stop dreaming small.

Guess what IT’S MY BIRTHDAY and you can claim TODAY as your birthday too! It’s time to OPEN the gifts that God has placed inside of me!

Are YOU going to share your gifts?  I am.

It is important to know WHO YOU ARE and walk with a Spirit of Boldness!

God did not make a mistake when HE CREATED YOU!

We are creating a community of women who are living the3wLIFE! Come on and join us.  Visit, host a 3wlife Experience.


Is it an Addiction – What Are You Really Hungry for?

            When anything becomes more about emotional hunger than physical hunger, you could be at risk for developing an addiction. A dysfunctional relationship whether it be food, self-esteem, a job, a boyfriend or husband can involve over-eating, starving or all out neglecting your true self.  In either situation, the weapon turns on the self and seems to suck the life out of you in ways that are unhealthy and sometimes life threatening to an individual’s best state of mind!

Addicts to unhealthy relationships often hide and perform secretly so that friends and family won’t know how much they’re hurting. The subtle control over time and behaviors eventually morphs into something more destructive – self-neglect, abuse or violence.  Sometimes you resign yourself to continue to live in mediocrity – stuck in that dead-end job.

And it’s not all women who are addicted to bad relationships, either!  There are plenty of men who succumb to their environment from a jealous, mean wife or girlfriend who controls their every move.

 Addiction has nothing to do with physical control – it’s all about how you are negatively controlled mentally.  Break free of the mental bondage.

 Make a change! Allow The 3W Life to transform you. Open your heart to recognizing Whose You Are! Who You Are! and Why You Are Here!  Re-Position yourself for greatness.  You DESERVE it!


ImmerseME with CLARITY

Defining and developing your purpose is a process and takes practice. You are a multi-faceted creation with many dimensions of creativity.

Don’t get hung up on one thing. No need to define and pigeon-hole yourself into one thing. Journal your ideas whenever and however they come. Some may be for you, some may be for someone else. God’s favor is UNLIMITED. The favor He shows and gifts poured out are abundant and ever-giving. What we do with those gifts are very important.


Gifts, are meant to be shared. The best gifts are those shared with a recipient who appreciates it, enjoys it, and benefits from it.

The joy of your gift cannot be experienced if you are WAITING to share it. You must start today. We learn the most during the process and not when it is completed.

Remember the 5-Ps: Poor Planning Predicts Poor Performance.

Focus on Immersion for your Purpose.

What is your vision?

What do you hope to accomplish?

Who will most benefit?

Complete the following:

  1. I am my happiest self when I am ________
  2. What hinders me from jumping all in?
  3. What is my vision?
  4. How can I bring my vision to existence?
  5. When will I begin? Is someone else needed? Who? Why?
  6. Have you shared your vision? Choose 1 person, even if you are not 100% sure, to LISTEN – no judgment, no questions. Just listen to your vision in its entirety. The purpose of this exercise is not for perfection. It may not make sense. You must be able to speak about your dream nugget.

If you DO NOTHING, NOTHING will happen

You must take action. If you do nothing, the result will be nothing.

Taking NO ACTION will still garner a result.

Make a Commitment to 5 Action Items.






As you develop these main items, they will morph into sub actions. That is how the ball gets rolling!  

At the 3W Life, we call it “M.A.C. THE VISION” and push it forward. The 3W Life thrives with this.

M= Motivate (ignite it)

A= Activate (identify it and take action)

C= Cultivate (it’s your baby. Cultivate and care for it, FEED your baby to maturity)


Mistakes to Avoid in the New Year

Habits are the key. Your habits determine how much money is in your bank account and the size of your waistline. Your habits determine the quality of your life.

It can seem impossible to break bad habits or to create new, positive habits. Most people have an ineffective approach. They try to go cold turkey and rely on willpower to force the necessary changes.

You already know this doesn’t work unless you’re incredibly motivated, and motivation isn’t reliable. It’s here one day and gone the next.

Create new habits more effectively by avoiding the most common mistakes:

Changing too much, too soon. A new habit is best installed in baby steps. If you want to spend two hours each day writing your novel, start with a single sentence each day. One sentence accomplishes something exciting: it gets you in the habit of sitting down and writing when it’s time to write. That’s the most important first step.

  • Start with small changes. Then increase the amount of time and effort when the habit of beginning is in place.
  • Seek behavioral changes that are so easy, you can’t possibly fail.

Relying on self-discipline. If your habit requires self-discipline, it won’t last. At most, self-discipline should only be required to make a habit of getting started. Habits are automatic. Self-discipline isn’t required to eat a candy bar or watch TV for most of us. If you have a habit of going to the gym, self-discipline isn’t required for that either.

  • Self-discipline is a short-term solution.
  • Seek behavioral changes that are so easy, you don’t need self-discipline.

Expecting a new habit to be easy to install. Change isn’t easy. You’ll become complacent and lazy if you expect a new habit to be easy to implement. We’d all be rich, in shape, and speak five languages if creating new habits were a simple matter.

Expecting a new habit to be difficult to install. The opposite is also true. If you expect the process to be exceptionally difficult, you’ll also struggle. The thought of doing anything that’s hard can be sufficient reason to never get started in the first place.

  • New behaviors are easy to implement if you start slowly and have patience. It’s moving ahead slowly and having patience that are difficult.

Relying too much on information. Our society is blessed, or cursed, with access to an excessive amount of information. This can create two challenges:

It’s very easy to believe that you don’t know enough to take the first step. There’s always something out there that you don’t know. The need to know everything before getting started can leave you stuck. There’s no prize for knowing the most. There is great success in doing the most, though.

The belief that knowledge alone is sufficient is just as harmful. You might know how to do pushups, but that doesn’t provide the same results as doing 100 of them each day.

The special forces have a motto that 60% is enough to take action. If you know 60% of the relevant information, you know enough to move forward. You can figure out the other 40% along the way. Spend 90% of your time doing and 10% learning.

Dropping your negative habits and adding new, supportive habits is the key to changing your circumstances. Unfortunately, our instincts about change are incorrect.

Tiny changes are easy to implement and build upon. But this approach requires patience and the belief that it can work. Remember: small changes add up to big results.

Avoid the most common mistakes when attempting to add a new habit to your life and you’ll find greater success in adding habits that make a positive impact on your life.