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Donna Coaches, Speaks & Trains Women to Discover their TRUE Inner Identity

Your inner identify at the core is simply is who you are. Many times that is lost for various reasons – you wake up one day and suddenly don’t recgnize yourself. Knowing WHO you are is the only way you can fully show up where you desire, both personally and in your professional life.

Donna helps spiritually connected women develop a renewed mindset, enhance their self image and reignite the power within! By helping women understand their own 3W’s, 1) Who they are; 2) Whose they are and 3) Why they exist women are able to take bold action in manifesting their divine purpose.


Donna Coaches Corporate Entrepreneurs from Dreaming to CEO Life

Are you sitting at your job dreaming that you were pursuing something different? Something your are more passionate about? Sometimes smart & educated people feel stuck, held back, and trapped in a career that was supposed to be fullfilling.

If you know you would like to follow your purpose on a part or full time basis and want to learn exactly how to do it, working with Corporate Powerhouse, Donna Izzard is your right next step!

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