distinctionDistinction was designed for a Woman with the desire to reconnect with her true identity so she can tap into her divine gifts authentically and spiritually.

There are many turning points in a Woman’s life.  There will be moments when we have to make a decision to either succeed or stay stuck, invest in ourselves or peddle in place, launch or retreat. Whatever the case, it all starts with understanding your unique identity. Distinction is understanding who you are and living your life according to the MasterIDENTITY Creator, our Heavenly Father.

The Distinction program will ignite you to think differently and embrace your Identity. This program will help you discover your unique identity (who you are) and what assignment you were created to fulfill. During the coaching sessions you will get clarity about your life design and how the various chapters of your lifeBRAND create your IDENTITYstory, which in turn will determine your purpose.

  • Cultivate your spiritual walk
  • Reconnect to the woman you were meant to be
  • Shift your Mindset to think differently
  • Redefine and embody your unique sexy
  • Eliminate limiting beliefs stopping you from living a life on fire
  • Identify your inner gifts and vision
  • Increase your self confidence
  • Develop an action plan to guide your next steps



PRESTIGE (For Pastors Only)


Being a Shepherd to a flock of sheep is both rewarding and hard work. Being a Shepherd who also has an Entrepreneurial spirit is not for everyone. But if it is for you, then you will know it! You will have tons of ideas swirling around in your mind about how you can solve others’ problems and make revenue as well in the marketplace.

You are a visionary and you have a burning desire to impact the lives of others. A large part of PastorPRENEURship is using what is already inside of you, your spiritual gifts and talents. You were born with an anointing and brilliance; and have a lot to offer to the world! It doesn’t matter who you are, where you came from, or what you have been through; YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO OFFER!

As a PastorPRENEUR(TM) strategist, I have worked with many Pastors who were ready to launch into entrepreneurship, but just didn’t know exactly where to start or how to package themselves. I am confident that I can turn you into a successful PastorPRENEUR(TM)! This entire day is focused on getting your business ready for the marketplace so that you can launch with a brand that sells, an income generation plan and marketing strategies that work.

  • Product & Implementation Strategy
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Signature Message